Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our New Family

I have to say that I have been really proud of myself lately until about a week ago. Because of my daughter I have been consistently trying to update our blog and use it kind of as a journal of mine. I was doing well until about last week because I got caught up with work and being too tired to do anything. When I got home I didn't want to bother. So for those that are just dying to know how our family is doing with the most recent addition to our family, we are doing fine.

Camille is tired, as am I, but we make it work out. It's hard because all three of us are getting used to everything that's new. Elyse has figured out that this place is a lot colder than inside of mommy.
We recently have been taking Elyse with us on little rides in the car, when Camille and I need to just get out of the house (which seems like everyday). We sometimes even take rides to Walmart and walk around the store. The other day we went for a walk around in our neighborhood with a broken stroller. We went to the park and went offroading with her in the stroller trying not to jostle her, but it was hard. Oh, well, she sleeps like a rock anyway. I swear I don't think that an earthquake could wake up this girl sometimes.

For those that are curious about how her doctor's appointment went with the ENT, Dr. Blotter, he said that Elyse has what's called a Microtia. Basically it's a congenital deformity where the pinna (external ear) is underdeveloped. Because of the Microtia she also has a tiny skin pocket that is blocking her ear canal. He believes that the ear will grow out over time, because all the features of an ear are intact and visible, but the skin pocket won't go away by itself. In the next few months they'll do some testing to see what elements of her inner ear are intact and functional. He said that when she's five they can go in and remove that skin pocket and possible do a little cosmetic surgery on her outer ear.

Next week sometime Elyse is going to the doctor to have one of those hearing tests done. They will stick a sensor behind her ear to check if the nerve itself in her ear is working properly, as well as the cochlea. On Monday Elyse will be going to Dr. Overy's office for her two week checkup.

Today was an eventful day because my family came to visit us. My mom hitched a ride from Hurricane, Utah up with her friend and my little sister Christina. They stayed in Farmington with my older sister Laura and her family in their brand new house. This morning they drove up to Logan and Laura took some awesome photos of us. I've got to say they are pretty good. Despite the strain on Elyse and her eventually getting worn out from all the people and constant passing back and forth, I still think it turned out okay. We were all pretty tired by the end of the visit.
Don't worry there will be more to come soon.

Friday, January 27, 2012

First Doctors Visit For Elyse


How does it make you feel when someone hurts your baby girl, even if it is a good reason.

Well, today was Elyse's first doctor's visit since being born. She is 5 days old and we had to go and see the Pediatrician.

She weighs about the same as when she was discharged, so that was good.

She also had to redo her Bilirubin Test because her jaundice score was higher than hoped for when she was discharged. Not too high, but high enough to cause some worry from the doctor. 
After we saw Dr. O'very for Elyse's checkup they sent in the nurse to draw blood for the test.
I had to hold Elyse so she could prick her with a needle in her tiny little foot. It made her cry so much, that I started crying. She didn't bleed enough on that foot for the test so they had to poke her in the other foot, as well. The nurse accidentally dumped some of the blood that she got from the first foot onto my jeans. Camille held our sweet girl for the second foot. Our little girl is a tough little thing! Then Daddy had to go to work. :(

After Daddy got home from work Elyse got her first bath.
Grandma Crook helped (more like showed us how cause Camille and I had no idea what we were doing).
Thanks Jackie!

After Camille fed Elyse, she and her mom went to Walmart to take some duplicate gifts back and get some things, and allowed me to have some Daddy time with Elyse.
It consisted of Elyse sleeping in my lap while I was on the computer.
Simply Precious

Day One at home

My mother in-law told me today "welcome to parenthood"
The reason is because last night was Elyse's first night home and she sleep during the day since we got home yesterday @ about 1:00 in the afternoon. But wow it seemed like last night Elyse was waking up every hour on the hour. Which in turn made Camille and me TIRED, much more Camille than me.
Then we were all awake at about 9:30 had some breakfast and I went to work.
That was the worst part of my day the fact that I had to leave my baby girl and go to work.
Same thing tomorrow, its going to suck and tomorrow will be longer.
After I came home Camille and I were feeding Elyse and trying to put together her genealogy. That went bad I was misspelling my Grandfather's name as well as putting my father's name in the wrong spot. I said to myself...
"self, maybe you're tired" hint hint. So Camille and I laid down and gave Elyse the chance to have some Grandma time.
Then after a while Grandma and Camille went to go get some dinner for us all, and left Daddy home with Elyse.
This was the Result..........

Events for tomorrow

In the morning Elyse has a Doctors appointment @ 0845 with the Pediatrician, Doctor O'Very.
So again no sleep....    Then @ 1000 I have to leave my baby girl and go to work.  VERY SAD DAY.

Wish us luck we'll let you know.

Baby On Board

First day at home with Elyse Jacquelyn Sterger, our beautiful little girl.
For in our eyes she is so perfect, and we love so very much.
She was born on January 23, 2012 at Logan Regional Hospital @ 1736 (military time).
She weighed 6 lbs. 2 oz. and 19 inches long. Although she was perfect in our eyes, we are a little worried about her because she was born with a deformed ear. This scares me especially because of my medical history. I was born with a collapsed inner ear canal and had to have 4 surgeries throughout my life and just learned a few weeks ago that i might have to have another one.
I pray this doesn't happen to Elyse. It would kill me if she had to grow up the same way I did.
I want her to be like daddy to a certain extent but not like this.

We Love you Elyse.